Welcome to Energy Healing by Sandy
Reiki Master, Minister & Natural Remedy Consultant
I would like to welcome you to my website and introduce myself.  I live and conduct healing sessions in Pinellas County, Florida. 

My passion is sharing Reiki healing and natural health solutions with as many people as possible.  Over the years, my use of Reiki has brought wonderful results not only with people, but animals as well.  I continue to study new techniques to improve my abilities for the benefit of my clients.

Using Reiki brings the universal energy to optimum levels within us to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Enjoy your visit  - Namaste, Sandy Wait
What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing has been around since the dawn of man, and every culture (around the globe) has its own methods.  It's built into our genetic code.  The remnants of this becomes clear when you consider this;  What is the first thing you do if you get hurt ?  Your hand automatically and instinctively goes to the injured area.  Your body "remembers" that once upon a time we healed ourselves and each other.  It's a natural occurrence.  A gift we all share.

The most popular form of Energy Healing is Reiki (pronounced ray-key), a form of therapy that uses simple hands-on and visualization techniques to improve the flow of energy.  Reiki  means "Universal Life Force Energy" and was named this by Tibetan Buddhists centuries ago.  A healing session can also be held across the state, country, or the world.  This is referred to as "remote or distance healing".

Energy-Healing-Info.com  is a wonderful website to learn about the various healing modalities and holistic life style.
BodyMindSpiritDirectory.org has listings of everything holistic/spiritual/natural.
What a Reiki Session Entails

The atmosphere in the treatment room is tranquil with the sounds of a fountain and soft music.  We will talk about what you wish to achieve during your session and address any questions you may have.

During the session you remain fully clothed, only removing your shoes. You lie comfortably on your back, close your eyes and allow yourself to relax.  I begin at your head, and continue down to your feet using various hand positions.  You then turn over and I repeat the process.  Most find my hands feel very warm, like little heating pads, and experience an over-all (deep) feeling of relaxation and peace.  The length of the session depends on the individual, usually 40 - 60 minutes.   Your first session includes a free Chakra Balancing, so it may be  longer.  The session fee is $60.

Afterwards, I will give you water to drink while we sit and talk about how you're feeling.  It's important that you drink plenty of water the rest of the day to help flush your system.

Amazing things happen... if you let them! 
Energy Healing by Sandy

Sandy Wait

Largo, Florida
(Pinellas County)

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Energy Healing by Sandy - Pinellas County, Florida
1st - Root Chakra located at the base of the spine, represents connection to the Earth, family, and survival issues.

2nd - Sacral Chakra located between the hips, just below the navel, represents creativity, manifestation, sexuality, emotional connection to others.

3rd - Solar Plexus Chakra located in the center of the torso, just above the navel, represents courage, vitality, confidence, and personal power.

4th - Heart Chakra located in the center of the chest, represents unconditional love, nurturing, and compassion.

5th - Throat Chakra located in the middle of the throat, represents communication and expression of feelings.

6th - Third Eye Chakra located in the middle of the forehead, represents insight, intuition, wisdom and intelligence.

7th - Crown Chakra located at the top center of the head and represents spirituality and the connection to all things.